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Exercise, Dance and Wellbeing

Yoga for Everyone


Start date: 9th Apr 2024

Time: 19:15 - 20:15

Cost: £84

Day: Tuesday

Duration: 14 weeks

Tutor: Helen Dempster

Course code: 24SU081

Yoga is unique in that it is a form of exercise that can bring strength and flexibility to the body, whilst connecting movement and the fluctuations of the mind to the rhythm of the breath.   A mind, body and breath approach to enhance overall wellbeing. 

This course is for; 

Anybody and every body!   Physical flexibility is not necessary - just a willingness to try.   You may have a desire to explore how yoga can increase fitness levels, improve flexibility, aid joint mobility, enhance spinal health...and that's just for starters.   Breathing and relaxation techniques bring a sense of balance and calm, even to the busiest of minds.

All physical work is easily adapted to suit individual needs, and a health questionnaire and regular teacher contact will ensure that discreet modifications can be offered and safety comes first. 

If you are currently receiving medical treatment or recovering from surgery or health problems you may wish to discuss with your consultant or GP before commencing your yoga journey.

For the first session students will need;

A yoga/exercice mat (although there are some spares) and comfy clothing that you can move in (i.e. leggings or joggers).  You may like to bring a blanket to cosy down for your relaxation time.

Ideally yoga should be practised with an empty stomach, but if you need to eat beforehand you may prefer just a light snack.   Twists and forward bends are never comfortable after a huge feast!

The course aims

There are many styles and traditions of yoga, but this Hatha Yoga class blends movement with breathing and relaxation techniques in a friendly and informal group setting.  There is no competitiveness and no grading or expectations.  There are times when it is appropriate to be quiet in order to develop a sense of self awareness and inward focus.  At other times we explore, ask questions and share the experience.

The course is structured to be all-inclusive.  No prior knowledge is required but likewise students with previous experience are also welcome.  

The course will cover

Physical movement, including joint mobilisation, spinal mobility and stretching to strengthen, improve balance and the posture.

Breath work to enhance breathing and improve the respiratory system.

Relaxation and meditation practices to counteract the stresses and strains of everyday living.

When we combine these together we have a complete system which can be transformational and improve our overall health and wellbeing. 

No class on Wednesday 10th May

Please also complete the health questionnaire and email to adultlearning@rossettschool.co.uk if you haven't done one previously

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Helen Dempster

Helen believes that Yoga is for everybody, not just the thin and flexible as magazines would have you believe. There is no competition in Yoga, just a chance for you to take some time out for yourself, honouring your body and its limitations (of which we all have – yes, Helen included)
Classes include breathing exercises, relaxation and asanas (physical postures) all to work towards stilling the fluctuations of the mind. Helen completed her 200hr teacher training in Turkey under renowned teacher Ann-Marie Newland of Sun Power Yoga

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