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General Interest / Music, Film, Drama and Creative Writing

Writer's Group

July 2018 029

Start date: 16th Apr 2024

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Cost: £100

Day: Tuesday

Duration: 10 weeks

Tutor: Jackie Kirman

Course code: 24SU104

Please contact us for availability

This course is for people who enjoy the creative writing process - from beginners to more experienced writers…a place to share, critique and develop your pieces of writing.

For the first session students will need; pen, paper, folder/binder for notes

The course aims to:
• Create a supportive environment in which to share, critique, and develop your creative writing
• Discuss the creative writing process, research the publishing market: competitions, agencies, on-line publishing e.g. WordPress etc.
• Help group members practice a range of writing techniques through creative writing exercises in class and at home
• Allow group members to develop their own pieces of writing over a period of several weeks – whether it is poetry, short story or a longer narrative.

By the end of the course students will have had a great time!!

Brief details of the topics to be covered each week:

Week 1 - Introductory
• Introduction to Writing Group Members
• A look at creativity and the creative writing process
• Look ahead – writing aims over the coming weeks

Week 2 - The Art of Critiquing
• Creating a supportive environment to discuss our writing
• Creative writing technique – Sensory writing exercises
• Time to share writing and feedback

Week 3 – Memory and Creative Writing
• Mining your memory – using your memory as inspiration
• Technique – Tone, mood and setting
• Opportunities to share/get, give feedback on your writing

Week 4 – Plotting/structure
• Examining/developing Story Arcs
• Share/feedback session
• Marketing/looking at competitions – Competition criteria, expectations, any local opportunities

Week 5 – Developing character
• Analysis of different techniques used by authors when creating character – based on extracts taken from stories/novels
• Share/feedback session

Week 6 – Examining POV
• Experimenting with Point of View/perspective
• Share/feedback session

Week 7 – Dialogue
• Different types of dialogue…finding a balance between realism and naturalism
• Dialogue exercises
• Share/feedback session

Week 8 – The Short Story
• Examine the art of the short story – compressed but not curtailed….
• Flash Fiction…
• Share/feedback

Week 9 – Poetry
• How writing poetry an improve our creative writing skills
• Favourite poems
• Share/feedback session

Week 10 – Showcase
• Members invited to read longer extracts in a final week showcase

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Jackie Kirman

Jackie Kirman has had a career in teaching, initially in the primary sector, then latterly in Further and Higher education institutions. She has specialized in Child Development and Early Years studies.

More recently she has completed several writing courses including a Postgraduate Creative Writing course at Masters level at York University in which she gained a first qualification. She is a member of the Alpha writer’s group which includes writers from all over the world. As a group they are dedicated to sharing good practice, producing high quality written work covering many different writing genres. Jackie also has her own website on WordPress ( jlk2016@wordpress.com ) where she posts poetry, short stories etc.

Although she is relatively new to the publishing world, she has had several pieces of poetry and short stories published (on-line – Poetry Republic, Bookers Readers corner, and anthologies – Great British Write Off.) She is currently writing a novel and a screen play.

Jackie believes that anyone can write creatively – and that each individual has their own set of unique experiences which can be used to explore the creative writing process. The course will help provide a framework from which to develop these skills.

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