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Ukulele Next Steps - Level 3

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Start date: 25th Apr 2024

Time: 18:00 - 19:30

Cost: £90

Day: Thursday

Duration: 11 weeks

Tutor: Alison Lyon

Course code: 24SU099

This course is for people who have attended the level 1 and level 3 courses at some point in the past, or have a similar level of experience. 

Broadly, you should know 15 chords or more, be comfortable with a few popular strumming patterns and may have some experience of basic finger picking. You will have used a barre chord before, even if you do not find it easy!  They have knowledge of damping and chunking, and have tried these techniques, but may not find it easy.

This course will draw on and build on previous experiences.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to find out if this level is right for you.

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Alison Lyon

The course is led by Alison Lyon, of Drums Agogo. Alison has been teaching African drumming for 16 years, to both adults and children, and is known for her clear and accessible teaching style that makes learning friendly and fun. Alison now brings this fresh and friendly approach to the ukulele, which she has played since 2013. She has taught ukulele in schools, and devised the “Ukulele jukebox” part of the course as an instant-fun workshop project which has been enjoyed by everyone from WI groups to Scouts and Guides.

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