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Tarot Card Reading for Fun

Tarot Summer 24

Start date: 20th Apr 2024

Time: 13:30 - 15:30

Cost: £40

Day: Saturday

Duration: 4 weeks

Course code: 24SU059

This course is for; Anybody who is interested in understanding the principles of Tarot, card meanings, basic spreads and expanding their knowledge and confidence around reading cards for themselves and others.

 For the first session students will need; A tarot deck that follows the Rider Waite format - this is the format that is most commonly found and widely recognised. I encourage use of a deck that is easy to read and small enough to shuffle comfortably, such as Biddy Tarot’s Modern Deck

The course will cover:

20th April      Week 1: Overview of a tarot deck & numerology

4th May         Week 2: Exploring the Major and Minor Arcana

18th May       Week 3: The Role of Court Cards

8th June        Week 4: Bringing it all together with a 4 card spread

 Each week we’ll spend one hour on theory, have a tea break, then move into practical work and discussion in the second hour.

 By the end of the course students should be able to: Handle a tarot deck confidently and perform a four card spread for themselves or others.

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