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Tai Chi for Improvers

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Start date: 12th Apr 2024

Time: 10:30 - 11:30

Cost: £84

Day: Friday

Duration: 14 weeks

Tutor: Paul Gitsham

Course code: 24SU051

The course aims:  to build on the foundation of the beginners course and increase the knowledge and practical ability of Cheng Man Ching Style Tai Chi as taught in Malaysia.

The course will cover:  the further development of Professor Cheng’s 37 posture form the practice of Da Lu and an introduction to the fast or Kwai Tai Chi form. Associated breath work exercises will be included for health and relaxation.

By the end of the course students: will have consolidated the movements of the short form and be able to apply them to the every day; to extend their practice through the greater mobility and expression of Da Lu and Fast Tai Chi.

Please also complete the health questionnaire and email to adultlearning@rossettschool.co.uk if you haven't done one previously

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Paul Gitsham Tai Chi

Paul Gitsham

With over 25 years of hands-on experience in martial arts, including two decades since I started teaching, my practice has developed through the study of various Chinese and Southeast Asian disciplines. From the UK to the Zhong Ding training centre in Penang, Malaysia, I've had the privilege of learning from skilled instructors, including Nigel Sutton and several of his teachers.

My training encompasses Chinese internal arts like Taijiquan, Baguazhang and Xinyiquan, Alongside Malay Silat Tua in Penang and Escrima from the Philippines. These practices involve not just theoretical understanding but an immersive practical experience in empty hand techniques, weapons, two-person training methods, and meditative practices, all deeply rooted in the cultural philosophies that shaped them.

Currently holding a 4th Duan Master Instructor grade with Zhong Ding International and certified by the Malaysian Association of Grandmasters of Martial Arts, I've successfully passed Khatams in various Silat systems. Join me on a martial arts journey that emphasises the physical practice, where we delve into traditions and actively engage in the rich cultural philosophies that underpin these diverse martial arts.

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