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Make a Galvanised Steel Garden Dragonfly

dragonfly 2

Start date: 18th May 2024

Time: 10:00 - 15:00

Cost: £35

Day: Saturday

Duration: 1 weeks

Tutor: Sarah Hallworth

Course code: 24SU025

Please contact us for availability

In this workshop you will make a large, galvanised steel wire dragonfly for the garden.

You will learn a technique used in willow weaving to form a central, long body. The wire ends are then used to form eyes, tentacles, etc.

Then using separate wire pieces 2 sets of wings are applied and the whole sculpture is mounted on a bamboo cane.

The dragonfly can stay in the garden all year and over time will eventually rust.

However if you wish to keep your dragonfly indoors, it can be adorned with sparkly glass beads.

The sculpture is hard work on the hands and unsuitable for anyone with arthritis in the hands. You also have to stand up to make the body for about 1 -1.5 hours. You can take a rest of course.

We will also be using tools including pliers and wire cutters. Protective goggles will be encouraged as you are dealing with long springy wire.

Weather permitting, we shall do most of this task outside on the grass.

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Sarah Hallworth

I have been teaching for many years both in jewellery making and my previous occupation, respiratory nursing. For the last 6 years, I have run jewellery making workshops for both adults and children. Jewellery making has been a hobby/obsession for 3 decades. I have a wide range of experience in design techniques and use a variety of methods in my work, including wirework at various levels, knotting and threading techniques and bead making.

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