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Holiday Spanish

spanish food

Start date: 15th Apr 2024

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Cost: £80

Day: Monday

Duration: 8 weeks

Tutor: Maria Salvo

Course code: 24SU166

This course is for learners who want to enjoy their holiday  experience in a Spanish speaking country fully by using phrases in Spanish. It provides the language, vocabulary and information for some of the most common situations during a visit to a Spanish speaking country such as introducing yourself, ordering a meal and going shopping.


Learners will participate in class activities using reading, listening, writing and more importantly speaking skills.  This short course will help learners to gain confidence in Spanish and prepare them to go to Spain.

Previous knowledge:

No previous knowledge of the target language is required, just the willingness to learn (and probably make plenty of mistakes along the way!)

The next step

Continuation to a beginners language class.

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Maria Salvo

I am a qualified teacher of Spanish and have extensive experience in teaching the language to students of all ages and abilities. I have taught Spanish GCSE, A Level and have tutored undergraduates of Spanish.

My classes are interactive and engaging and aim to help students develop their language skills in order to become confident in their learning and communication of Spanish.

I am also very keen to raise awareness of the culture and traditions of Spain as well as the history of this beautiful country.

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