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Tai Chi for beginners

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Start date: 15th Sep 2021

Time: 19:00 - 20:00

Cost: £60

Day: Wednesday

Duration: 12 weeks

Tutor: Stuart Agars

Course code: AU21087

Please contact us for availability

Suitable for all ages, abilities and fitness levels, this ancient Chinese exercise system based on an internal martial art can help with posture, balance and general fitness.  The class will be welcoming and friendly and is suitable for absolute beginners!

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Stuart Agars

I have studied Martial Arts since I was was 14, and have been teaching Chinese Martial Arts since 1994.

I teach "Water Boxing" which is the worlds oldest internal style of Internal Martial Arts.

Water Boxing is called "Liu He Ba Fa" in China and is a complex system of Body Mechanics which concentrates on strengthening of ligaments and tendons rather than muscle power.

"First comes good health, second comes inner strength"

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