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Spanish Upper Intermediate term 3

spanish food

Start date: 14th Apr 2021

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Cost: £95

Day: Wednesday

Duration: 10 weeks

Tutor: Carmela Bravo Marcos

Course code: 21SU097

This year the main focus of the course will be on the following:

Recognise and use the main features of grammar with confidence

 Listen effectively for specific details/general information, ideas and opinions from a range of sources.

Use a range of 'repair strategies' to overcome communication breakdown

Communicate adequately in a range of social, transactional and work-related situations

Ask for and provide information on a range of topics. Seek and respond to ideas and opinions on a range of topics. Take part in varied discussions.

 Read texts in the target language to extract specific details and to identify general information, ideas and opinions from different types of source material (eg. play, poem, short story, extract from a novel, reports, newspaper articles etc)

 Write effectively in the target language for a range of purposes (eg. factual writing, informal and formal correspondence)

Describe a range of differences between own language and culture and target language and culture

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Carmela Bravo Marcos

I am passionate about my job and always strive to make my classes enjoyable and informative – which I think they are!

She likes Historical books and films, and enjoys swimming and walking.

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