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Spanish Intermediate

spanish food

Start date: 6th Jul 2020

Time: 18:30 - 20:30

Cost: £55

Day: Monday

Duration: 4 weeks

Tutor: Itziar Villameriel

Course code: 20SU161

This course is for;

Students have completed two years of Spanish or have a basic knowledge of Spanish.

The course is divided in three terms (10 weeks each term) and by the end of the three terms students should be able to



For the first session students will need;

Pen and paper only. Students will be provided with handouts/worksheets which will be the basis of their studies.


This term will cover


  1. Give detailed descriptions of themselves and others, in the present and the past, and be able to compare others.
  2. Making comparisons of places and be able to exchange information before and now. Learn about different culture and costumes.
  3. Exchange detailed information about their home and locality, advantages and disadvantages. Past habits and parts of the body suggestions about illnesses and remedies.
  4. Exchange information on personal interests, talk about leisure facilities in the area.
  5. Make arrangements for an outing in detail. Dates/times/activities/places etc. Quality and quantity research.


You will be contacted by your tutor prior to the start of the course to be advised of which platform is to be used

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Itziar Villameriel

I am a native Spanish lecturer with over eighteen years’ experience teaching all level of the language from beginners to proficiency. I have a degree in Tourism and a PGCE in Education. I have just finished my MA in literary translation and I am in the first year of an MA in legal and financial translation. I have taken part in several research activities and projects with some European Universities such as PEAK “Promoting European Awareness and Key competences. I have recently done some dubbing projects for Johnsons & Johnsons and “Anna Easy Recipes” I am currently translating my first book by the British Author Ann Pilling titled “Amber’s secret”.
I am passionate about my job and always strive to make my classes enjoyable and informative – which I think they are!

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