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Spanish Advanced 3


Start date: 29th Apr 2022

Time: 09:15 - 11:15

Cost: £95

Day: Friday

Duration: 10 weeks

Tutor: Sebastian Rodriguez

Course code: 22SU152


Easily understand relatively long podcast and articles,

Understand a wide range of written texts, including longer, more complex factual texts, commentaries and reports,

Express yourself clearly and logically in essays on complex issues, choosing the right kind of expression to appeal to the reader,

Verbally express yourself spontaneously and fluently, state your own opinions formulate your thoughts and views precisely and make detailed contributions of your own.


A range of the following topics can be used according to learners’ interests:

·         Cultural Studies (art, architecture, music, film, theatre, sport, religion, food and drink)

·         Customs and Traditions

·         Creative Writing

·         Read and respond to Poetry or Songs

·         Historical Studies

·         Environmental Studies

·         Current Affairs

·         Social Studies (unemployment, immigration, substance abuse, housing, racism)

·         General Studies (media, transport, education, tourism, geography, regions, health)

·         Political Studies (electoral system, political parties, parliament)

·         Literature (study of a novel, author, play)

·         Fashion and Design

·         Economic Issues (wealth and poverty contrast, poverty in the third world) Technology

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Sebastian Rodriguez

I am a native Spanish lecturer and have a Masters degree in Language Education. I have over twenty years’ experience teaching across a wide range of settings and levels including undergraduate, AS/A Levels, GCSE and Adult Education. I have carried out research in the field of adults learning Spanish in creative ways. Before this chapter of my life in the UK I was an actor and then a theatre director for ten years in Spain. So my teaching is often creative and entertaining! I’m passionate about my language and love helping people learn more about Spanish and Hispanic culture. In my spare time I love going to the theatre, being in my garden learning about plants and trees or sitting down developing my knowledge and love of red wine!

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