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Exercise, Dance and Wellbeing



Start date: 17th Sep 2020

Time: 19:10 - 20:10

Cost: £60

Day: Thursday

Duration: 12 weeks

Tutor: Cheryl Harris

Course code: 20AU112

‘Relaxology’....Gentle mobility, stretching exercises to wake the muscles and get the body moving as it should.  These exercises will not only wake the body, but also the mind, placing you in the right mindset for the day ahead.

I use the breathe, visualisation and soft music as my relaxation techniques. It is definitely for those who are stressed and/or struggle to relax.

The stretching is more to loosen tightened muscles than to improve flexibility. Emphasis in this area is on the back, shoulders, neck and hip flexors.

Check with your GP if you are starting exercise and unsure of its suitability and please complete the health questionnaire here and email to adult learning before the class

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Cheryl Harris

Cheryl is a Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach who now specialises in Pilates and Yoga, mobility, flexibility and relaxation. Her aim is to help people to connect the mind and body, helping to improve their posture and move better.

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