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Exercise, Dance and Wellbeing

Pilates for Mixed Ability

Jo Pearson 2

Start date: 23rd Apr 2021

Time: 09:20 - 10:20

Cost: £65

Day: Friday

Duration: 13 weeks

Tutor: Jo Pearson

Course code: 21SU011

This course is for;
Everyone! Whatever age or fitness ability. Pilates is a safe and invigorating form of exercise, designed to improve your health and wellbeing. Pilates is used to improve physical strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, coordination, as well as correcting alignment and posture and enhancing body awareness. All exercises work on all major muscle groups, with a particular focus on mobilising and strengthening ankles, knees, hips, back and shoulders. See it as your weekly body MOT!

Students will have the opportunity to explore all levels of Pilates moves; fundamental, intermediate & advanced, in a safe environment & at a speed to suit each individual.
Becoming much more aware of posture, alignment, deep quality breathing and creating an internal resistance so that we build strength from the inside out.

Each week, we perform a varied routine of all ability Pilates exercises from the Joseph Pilates repertoire, that 40 years on, is still helping to restore, revitalise and improve our overall health and wellbeing, reversing our natural physical decline.

By the end of the course students
Will be confident in choosing and using simple appropriate practices to meet personal needs and lifestyles and have a fuller understanding of Pilates, its benefits, how to achieve and how to maintain it. Tutor support and guidance will be given throughout the course and students will know how to work safely and modify the practices to suit their own needs.

Pilates is low impact, preserving joints however, you will feel worked! The aim is for you to leave each lesson feeling taller, stronger, more mobile and relaxed in both mind and body.

The NHS recommend 150 minutes a week of cardio and at least 2 or more days a week of strength training. So adding Pilates to your weekly exercise routine as part of your strength training, alongside your cardio exercise (be it walking or running etc) is the perfect combination, keeping you strong, fit and healthy.

This course is low impact, but please check with your GP before starting if you are unsure about its suitability.

Please also complete the health questionnaire and email to adultlearning@rossettschool.co.uk

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Jo Pearson

Jo Pearson

My name is Jo, otherwise know as the Pilates Fairy! I’m a qualified Level 3 Mat Pilates Instructor with over 10 years teaching experience.

In addition, I am trained in Pilates specifically modified for Orthopaedic and Musculo-skeletal issues as well as Standing Pilates to help improve balance and strength. I also have training which allows me to work with pre & post-natal clients offering individualised sessions or modified classes for their specific requirements.

My classes are suitable for all levels and abilities regardless of experience or flexibility, however, any physical issues or limitations must be discussed prior to the class starting to ensure moves are safe & performed at the safe, correct level.

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