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Nero, re-examing the Man and the Monster

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Start date: 22nd Sep 2021

Time: 18:30 - 20:30

Cost: £45

Day: Wednesday

Duration: 4 weeks

Tutor: Gillian Hovell

Course code: AU21102

This exciting course coincides with the British Museum’s exhibition on Nero: The Man & The Myth.

Learn all about Nero from the lecturer who was (pre Covid) booked to lecture on Nero for the British Museum.  Gillian Hovell, ‘The Muddy Archaeologist’ shares with you the stories about the wild teenager, explores the evidence in the archaeology and considers where the stories have come from.


This is Nero through the eyes of an ancient historian and archaeologist – what was the reality of this young man who ruled the known world while still a teenager?   Killer of his mother and wives?  Decadent party animal?  A leader who ‘fiddled while Rome burned’?  Join Gillian and discover how the experts untangle truth from fiction …


Four sessions of richly illustrated lectures with plenty of time for discussion.



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Hovell, Gillian, Head 3 Muddy Archaeologist (2)

Gillian Hovell

Gillian Hovell BA(Hons), professionally known as ‘The Muddy Archaeologist’, is an ancient historian and archaeologist who lectures for York University and for the British Museum and throughout Britain as well as internationally.
She has spent years lecturing on tours and cruises throughout the Ancient Mediterranean, inspiring guests to really enjoy their explorations into the ancient world, and she has excavated at sites including Roman Pompeian Oplontis.
Gillian shares her expertise and passion for ancient history by engaging with audiences in books, in person, in the field, in the media and on line.
Her speciality is in digging deeper into our ancient past to add depth, colour and meaning to our modern lives today; the ancient cultures have much to tell us about our common humanity, and they influenced our own heritage and still speak to us today.
Prepare to visit the past and to discover about ourselves as well as those who lived, loved and died millennia ago.

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