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Music, Film, Drama and Creative Writing

Musical Psychology 1


Start date: 4th Jun 2020

Time: 18:30 - 19:30

Cost: £22

Day: Thursday

Duration: 5 weeks

Tutor: Katie Vedder

Course code: 20SU181

Please contact us for availability

What is it in our brains that reacts to music the way it does? How is this used in marketing, politics, and current events? Explore the one hundred and fifty years of music and it's interactions with society. Each week there will be music of all sorts, classical to electronic, to listen to, critically think about, and then discuss with a group of your peers. No knowledge of music history or theory required, both will be included as we explore!

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Katie Vedder

While working on her degrees, Katie travelled through Europe with the Boulder Youth Symphony and the Colorado Youth Symphony. She also played in Carnegie Hall with the Flint Youth Symphony and was the featured soloist with the Fort Lewis Percussion Ensemble, Fort Lewis Wind Symphony, Un Poco Trio and the Symphonic Anime Orchestra. She has played with multiple orchestras, bands, jazz bands and chamber ensembles. Now with her BA and MM in Clarinet Performance, Katie enjoys free lancing and teaching in North Yorkshire.

Katie’s first love has always been teaching. She interned at the Boulder Art’s Academy as a clarinet teacher in 2003 and 2004 before starting her own studio in 2005. Katie believes that all music should be fun first – life is too short to dislike what you are doing. In 2014 Katie started teaching over Skype. She has maintained an adult clarinet class in addition to her studio of both adult and grade school kids through today’s latest technology. You can find Katie’s educational publications as well as many of her arrangements on her website KatieMusicStudio.com.

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