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Art, Design and Crafts

Mixed Media and Collage


Start date: 14th Jan 2020

Time: 18:45 - 21:15

Cost: £64

Day: Tuesday

Duration: 5 weeks

Tutor: Sally How

Course code: 20SP61

Please contact us for availability

This course is for; 

Any skill level from complete beginners to more experienced artists.


For the first session students will need;  

You can bring a picture of a landscape or other picture you would like to work on to create a mixed media and collage piece of art. Ideally it will be an image or place you have been to yourself, but it doesn’t have to be as long as you like the picture.


Additional Costs;  

You don’t need anything, but may like to bring in any found textures such as old coloured magazines, coloured or textured threads, net bags used for oranges and lemons, as well as scraps of fabric, old paper bags and tissue paper.


You may like to work on a canvas and would need to purchase this. Suppliers of cheap canvas will be recommended.


The course aims:

To teach you how to select a suitable picture to work from.

How to start your own painting.

Each week we will learn something new to add each layer of our mixedi-media painting.



The course will cover  


Looking at and learning from the work of mixed media artists and understanding how their art is successful.

Composition and layout. Cropping your image and thumbnail sketches. How to choose your own composition. Drawing your design.

Using Paint. Choosing colours. Painting the background. Thickness of paint and brushstrokes.

What exactly is mixed media? Adding layers. Overlapping shapes.

Building up texture. Adding techniques to add interesting and unusual effects.

Overlaying transluscent and opaque sections. Why this is useful.

Adding collage and ‘found’ pieces to your work.

Applying contrasting chalk pastel and oil pastel, as well as some more unusual and fun mixed media techniques.



By the end of the course students:

They will have learned, practiced and applied the techniques above.

They will have made an interesting mixed media piece of art.

They will have selected their own image and created their own mixed media picture to take home.

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Sally How

Sally How BA (Hons) PGCE Art and Design
Level 3 NCFE Jewellery Design
Sally is a qualified teacher of Art and encourages each individual to be creative, whatever their starting level.

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