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Make a Real Silver Necklace Charm with Silver Clay


Start date: 25th Feb 2020

Time: 18:45 - 21:15

Cost: £89

Day: Tuesday

Duration: 6 weeks

Tutor: Sally How

Course code: 20SP62

This course is aimed at the beginner with little or no previous experience of working with silver clay. You will make at least one necklace pendant made of fine silver, which would make an ideal Christmas gift. Students will learn how to use silver clay, including storage, handling, shaping, and texturing. You will learn how to make, dry and fire clay safely using a small hand held torch.
There will be a small amount of silver clay (10g) provided as part of the course fee, and this should be sufficient to make a couple of small silver pendants. You will also be given a jump ring and a length of black leather cord to make a pendant, or you may want to purchase your own silver chain. Advice will be given about where these can be bought economically

Additional Costs
There will be a small amount of silver clay (10g) provided as part of the course fee, and this should be sufficient to make a couple of small pendants. You may find that you will need to purchase further supplies of silver clay and advice will be given about reliable suppliers and postage costs etc. You should be advised that although price advice can be given, the price of silver fluctuates and can go up or down on a daily basis.

By the end of the course students should all feel confident enough to order their own silver clay and will be aware of the difficulties beginners may experience when handling silver clay and how to avoid these. At the end of the course people should be able to take away a piece (or more) of fine silver jewellery, which would make a perfect gift.

Course Programme
We will cover the basics of working with silver clay:
How to store clay.
Handling silver clay and how to avoid a sticky mess!
How to roll silver clay without wasting it.
Using siligum to make a mould.
How to imprint a design using leaves and natural objects such as small seashells.
How much will silver clay shrink?
Drying clay thoroughly – how long does it take and how to speed it up.
Finishing silver clay to ensure a professional quality of work.
Polishing by hand – the options. What to use and how to get the best results.
How to fire silver clay safely using a hand-held torch, or at home on your hob.
Hallmarking - the legal side of using silver.
What to do if you decide to reuse your silver clay after it has dried?
Ordering silver clay and what you need to work with silver clay at home in the future.

Please bring to with you:
A small airtight container eg mini jam jar or (small) sealable plastic box
A fine paintbrush eg size 2, 3 or 4
A small pot with olive oil to stop clay sticking to hands

You may wish to bring:
A pack of playing cards
Some cling film

By the end of the course students should be confident and able to use silver clay to make real silver pendant. They will understand the safe ways of working. They will understand the legislation about hallmarking silver.
Progress and learning outcomes will be measured by reviewing the work produced at the end of the course. Students should leave the course with at least one finished piece of fine silver jewellery designed and made by hand.

The course will cover  

Firing Silver Clay safely.

Attaching a jump ring using pliers.

Polishing techniques.

By the end of the course students:

Students will have learnt how to make and fire silver clay safely.


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Sally How

Sally How BA (Hons) PGCE Art and Design
Level 3 NCFE Jewellery Design
Sally is a qualified teacher of Art and encourages each individual to be creative, whatever their starting level.

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