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Make a hand sewn keepsake memory toy

handsewn memory toy

Start date: 20th Sep 2021

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Cost: £72

Day: Monday

Duration: 6 weeks

Course code: 21SU058

This course will enable you to make a toy from those cherished clothes and fabrics that you have kept safe in the loft.

For the first session students will need; your cherished fabric (there will be fabrics available also).

This course aims: To develop hand stitching techniques to create a personal toy developed from your own design. 

This hands on course aims to teach the skills involved in creating fabric stuffed toys.

You will: ● create a planning board of ideas for their final product ● develop their ideas to create a final design ● make a pattern for their design ● develop a variety of hand stitches ● add detailing including eyes and other features to their stuffed toy

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