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Psychology, Philosophy, Culture, History and Law

History - Britain 1873-1911


Start date: 26th Apr 2022

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Cost: £95

Day: Tuesday

Duration: 10 weeks

Tutor: Andy Ison

Course code: 22SU116

This course is for students with an interest in history in general and British or Monarchical history in particular

For the first session students will need an interest in history, an open mind, a desire to learn and a willingness to enquire and question

The course aims: The course will offer an overview of political, social, economic and military developments in Britain during the reigns of Queen Victoria and King Edward VII.

The course will cover:

Key stories about the royal family, politicians and leading figures from science, industry, literature and religion in this era with particular focus on:

  • Domestic politics including Home Rule for Ireland, public protests, changes in voting rights and the Suffrage campaign, and the role of key political figures including the Prime Ministers and other leading politicians
  • Reactions to major changes in British society including concerns over poverty and ill-health, criminal activity and declining religious observation, with special emphasis on the Liberal Reforms
  • Developments in the British Empire and competition with the other major powers, including the Scramble for Africa
  • The importance of industrial, technological and economic developments and the impact of rising competition with the USA, Germany and France
  • Britain’s role in significant wars and conflicts such as the Anglo-Zulu wars, the Boer Wars and the Boxer Rebellion
  • Developments in literature, the arts, the mass media and sport and their impact on Britain and the world

By the end of the course students will have a deeper understanding of the key factors that affected Britain’s role as the dominant nation in global affairs, the impact of major political and social changes with the ideas that shaped them and the legacy of this era with its impact at the time and in the decades that followed


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Andy Ison

Andy Ison

Andrew Ison has been leading courses and delivering lectures for several years, covering a range of topics in History, Politics and Current Affairs. He has had two main careers, firstly as a Catholic Priest and secondly as a secondary school teacher. He has degrees in Economic History from the University of Durham and in Theology and Philosophy from the University of Comillas in Madrid. He also has a PGCE in History from the University of Warwick.
Andy is a story teller, analyst, thinker, questioner, connector and provocateur. He has spent most of his life trying to make sense of the world, occasionally making progress, by looking for patterns, asking questions and developing tentative answers. He has lived a varied life after working in parishes, schools, prisons, hospitals and youth work.

"In my teaching I aim to be interesting, creative and challenging, looking to enthuse students and to encourage debate. I believe we all learn best when we are engaged with the subject, when we care and feel some passion for it, see its relevance to our own experiences and feel a connection with those who are or were involved. Stories, images, maps and debate all play key roles in these classes so that understanding is added to knowledge."

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