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Gardening - Growing vegetables at home in your garden or yard


Start date: 20th Jun 2020

Time: 10:00 - 12:00

Cost: £45

Day: Saturday

Duration: 5 weeks

Tutor: Alison Lyon Gardening

Course code: 20SU165

Anyone who has a small garden, or a yard, and wants to start growing their own vegetables, to beat

the supermarket queues and shortages over the coming months,

For the first session students will need:

You will need a smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop with internet connection, and youll need to download Whatsapp to your phone.

We will keep equipment costs to a minimum quite often we will be suggesting make-do-and- mendalternatives to many items, if you would prefer to keep things low cost and low-impact.

However, it will be essential to own some basic garden tools, including, for a garden, at least one type of spade and a long handled fork. A hoe is extremely useful.

For both gardens and yards, a trowel and a hand-held fork are essential.

You’ll also need:
A pair of gardening gloves. Maybe two!

Some plastic (or other) buckets. Plant pots of various sizes.
One or more sacks of general purpose compost.
Potting compost.
Some plastic bags or sacks would be very useful for the first session.
Some garden canes
long ones can be cut down, so if you only get one size, get those. An indelible magic marker. A pencil.


You will need some seed potatoes for the first session or just after it. If you cant get any, put aside some nice spuds from your food cupboard.

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This course is for;

A selection of veg seeds available from most local supermarkets still. The seeds well need in the very first week will be courgettes.

You should also prepare by obtaining some seeds for : lettuce, leeks, onions, purple sprouting broccoli (probably only available on-line at the moment), broad beans, peas, squash, carrots, radish Cabbage. And any other type of veg you like.

TIP: You will not need a full packet of each type of seed get together and share with a friend.

Additional Costs;

As the course goes on, we will be covering projects where further tools and materials would be very useful, if you have them or can borrow or buy them easily, BUT we will be suggesting make-do-and- mendalternatives to many items, if you would prefer to keep things low cost and low-impact.

So dont throw away household items like: yoghurt pots, toilet roll middles, egg-boxes, clear plastic trays from freezer packs of meat, moulded plastic containers from cakes etc. old storage boxes, laundry baskets or trugs.

The course will cover:

Breaking new ground, making raised beds for free, creating an eco-friendly hyper-tufa planter for your yard or patio, sowing, potting on, planting in season, planting solutions for a paved yard, pest control, weeds, build a compost bin, making your own compost, creative projects. Shared tips and projects from other students in our group. Recipes! Storing your produce.

The course will be delivered via video tutorials to your phone or device. We will have group chat among the class on whatsapp and on Microsoft Teams, with opportunities to ask and answer questions, share your tips and ideas, and photos/video of your garden projects. There will be regular Guest Q & A with a guest expert. The course will be accompanied by written notes and other materials, which will be sent to you via email.

By the end of the course students should be able to:

Raise a variety of hardy food crops from seed, and from shop-bought young plants.
Turn a domestic garden or yard into a productive food resource in times of need
and back again! Connect with the timeless peace that comes from working the land.

You will be contacted by the Tutor to inform you of the platform to be used prior to the course starting.

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Alison Lyon Gardening

Alison Lyon, who lives a low-impact, sustainable life-style as far as possible while living and working in town, keeps sheep, plants trees and has grown vegetables for her family for over a decade. She is also fortunate to have a daughter, Emily, who is a professional gardener . Emily’s expert advice will be available to students in regular Q and A sessions.

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