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From Aethelred to King John: Britain 1000-1216


Start date: 15th Jan 2020

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Cost: £95

Day: Wednesday

Duration: 10 weeks

Tutor: Andy Ison

Course code: 20SP95

This course is for anyone interested in: English history during the final years of the Dark Ages and the early Medieval period; daily life under Anglo-Saxon rule and the relationship with the Vikings; how the Normans came to rule England, how they ruled and how England was changed; the key figures, institutions and events of these years

For the first session, students will only need an interest in history and the story of how England was formed into a nation ruled by the Normans

Additional Costs: None

The course aims to offer: an overview of Anglo-Saxon society and its key figures; the tensions and benefits of the relationship with the Vikings; the events of 1066 and the Norman Conquest; an overview of 1066-1216, with analysis of each monarch and major events such as the White Ship, the death of Thomas a’Becket, the Crusades and Magna Carta.

The course will cover

• An overview of life under the Anglo-Saxons before 1000
• Life in England under the last Anglo-Saxon and Danish rulers, including Aethelred and Edmund Ironside, Canute and Hardicanute, Edward the Confessor and Harold
• The story of 1066 and the Norman Conquest under William I and William Rufus
• Domesday Book
• The Feudal System and daily life in England
• The role of the Catholic Church
• The life and times of Henry I, the Civil War between Stephen and Matilda and the reign of Henry II, the role of Eleanor of Aquitaine and the death of Thomas Becket
• The stuff of legend: Richard the Lionheart, the Crusades and Robin Hood
• King John: a bad man or a bad king?

By the end of the course students will have a broader and deeper understanding of a crucial period and its profound impact on the history of England

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Andy Ison

Andy Ison

I am a qualified secondary school teacher who specialises in History, Politics and Business Studies. I taught in the UK and overseas for 14 years, working as a Head of History at a school in the Midlands and as Vice-Principal of an international school in Germany. I have delivered lectures and taught a range of courses for Rossett Adult Learning since 2016 covering British and World History as well as politics and current affairs.

In my teaching I aim to be interesting, creative and challenging, looking to enthuse students and to encourage debate. I believe we all learn best when we are engaged with the subject, when we care and feel some passion for it, see its relevance to our own experiences and feel a connection with those who are or were involved. Stories, images, maps and debate all play key roles in these classes so that understanding is added to knowledge.

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