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French Upper Intermediate


Start date: 3rd Jun 2020

Time: 09:15 - 11:15

Cost: £45

Day: Wednesday

Duration: 5 weeks

Tutor: Rima Bennett

Course code: 20SU113

This course is for students of all ages who have completed at least three years of French studies, are interested in France, its culture and language, and are keen to learn and gain confidence in communicating in French.


For the first session students will need:

Pen and A4 paper only. The tutor will provide worksheets which will be the basis of their studies.

This course is divided into three terms and by the end of the year students should be able to:



This year the students will

  1. discuss principal topics in the French Press and other issues relating to France.
  2. learn about driving in France, the rules of the French road, what to do in the event of an accident or break-down
  3. look at other forms of transport in France
  4. explore different areas of France
  5. learn about the French media : the Press, TV, radio, internet
  6. consider the importance of cinema in French society and give a critique of a film
  7. look at environmental issues
  8. improve grammatical knowledge, increase vocabulary range and practice communication skills
  9. complete weekly homework assignments


By the end of the course students should have gained an improved understanding of French language use, including pronunciation, grammatical structures, and an expanded vocabulary with a greater range of key phrases to cope with everyday situations whilst travelling in a French speaking country.

You will be contacted by the tutor prior to the course starting to be informed of which platform you will be using.

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Rima Bennett

Rima Bennett B.A (Hons), Dip. FE teaching, DPSI – law sector. I have lived and studied in Paris and I travel every year to France and Montreal. I have 12 years’ experience in delivering well-structured lessons that have proved successful in inspiring students of all ages and capabilities. This encompasses undergraduates, adult Higher Education courses and one to one GCSE and A level support.
Being trilingual and having lived in many countries, the purpose of my courses is to promote language acquisition and cultural awareness.
Learners will widen their vocabulary, improve their grammatical knowledge and practice their communication skills in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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