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French Intermediate


Start date: 20th Sep 2022

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Cost: £97

Day: Tuesday

Duration: 10 weeks

Tutor: Ruby Zakopoulou

Course code: 22AU165

This course is for learners who have previous knowledge of the language and wish to improve their skills further using more advanced structures. During this course, a range of activities will be used to introduce new vocabulary, grammar, and other structures. By the end of the course students should be able to hold longer and more engaging conversations and have a better understanding of the culture and language.

The course aims to improve the learners’ communication by enriching their vocabulary and varying their expressions. They will gain deeper insight into the culture, and they will boost their confidence to interact with the locals and other learners of the language.

The course is divided in three terms (10 weeks each term) and by the end of the three terms students should be able to

  • Understand key points when clear, standard language is used and the focus is on familiar topics associated with holidays, leisure time, culture etc.
  • Understand key points from radio or TV programmes on current affairs or topics of personal interest when the delivery is relatively slow and clear.
  • Deal with most situations typically encountered when travelling in the language region.
  • Express him/herself simply and coherently regarding familiar topics and areas of personal interest.
  • Enter unprepared into conversation on topics which are familiar or of personal interest.
  • In the spoken production, report on experiences and events by connecting phrases in a simple way.
  • Describe and talk about various situations, as well as make short statements to justify or explain his/her own views and plans.
  • Give reasons and opinions.
  • Talk about and summarise a book and/or film and describe their reaction.

 For the sessions students will need;

Students will be provided with handouts/worksheets which will be the basis of their studies.

 This term will cover

  1. Current affairs and culture.
  2. Everyday dialogues and conversations.
  3. General grammar revisions of key points.
  4. Exchange information on personal interests.
  5. Making enquiries.


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Ruby Zakopoulou

I am a Qualified and experienced tutor of Modern Foreign Languages. I graduated from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens with a degree in French Literature and Language and completed a Master’s degree in Applied Translation Studies at Leeds University. I also have diplomas in Tourism Management and Marketing and in Culture and Heritage. I speak Greek (native), English, French and Italian. I have been a teacher and examiner of foreign languages of all levels to children and adults at schools and colleges for more than 10 years, creating an engaging, challenging and fun environment that promotes learning.

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