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French Elementary term 3

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Start date: 10th May 2021

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Cost: £48

Day: Monday

Duration: 5 weeks

Tutor: Caroline McHugh

Course code: 21SU084

the aim of the course is to achieve the following over the period of 3 terms at this level.

• Understand sentences and commonly used expressions associated with topics directly related to his/her direct circumstances (e.g. personal information or information about his/her family, shopping, work, immediate surroundings).
• Agree on something or make arrangements in everyday conversation.
• Handle very short social exchanges making him/herself understood in simple, routine situations
• Dealing with a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and common topics.
• Describe his/her background and education, immediate surroundings and other things associated with immediate needs in a simple way.
• Write short notes, letter and emails, for example thanking someone for something or asking information about something.
• Understand the main content of everyday conversations as well as brief radio announcements or phone messages,
• Obtain the most important information from short newspaper articles, everyday advertisements and public notice boards,
• Fill in ordinary forms in banks or government offices

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Caroline McHugh

My love for language learning started when I was a pupil at Harrogate Grammar School. I went on to study French with Italian at the University of Warwick and spent a year teaching in Nantes, France, and time as an Au Pair in both Paris and in the Veneto region of Italy.

Since completing my PGCE at the University of York, I have worked at two top independent boarding schools, where I enjoyed teaching French and Italian to pupils aged 10-18. We moved back to Harrogate to start a family and we now have two under two who keep me very busy when I'm not private tutoring or teaching.

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