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French Culture - An Introduction to 20th C. French Literature

French Culture 5

Start date: 22nd Sep 2020

Time: 11:30 - 13:30

Cost: £48

Day: Tuesday

Duration: 5 weeks

Tutor: Alain Le Bourdon

Course code: 20AU015

Enjoy the friendly and convivial company of like-minded students
Every attempt is made to ensure that the presentations and discussions are fun and enjoyable
Learn about some of the most important French literary movements
Appreciate some of the ideas and notions put forward by philosophers over the ages
Recognise how these notions permeate the literature of France
Appreciate the different styles within their historical contexts
View historical material relating to writers
Discuss the reasons behind the success of some writers as opposed to others who remain obscure
All discussions and presentations are done though the medium of English
Whenever possible and /or applicable wine tasting is not discouraged

The French Literature course will look at various writers of the 20th  Andre Breton and Francoise Sagan, in relation to the trends in philosophy and literary theory. In the first weeks we will have a quick look at the thoughts which have lead to the development of such ideas as Dadaism, Existentialism, Le Nouveau Roman and other aspects of the novel as it exists now in the Francophile world. As the course takes place over lunchtime, it is usual for course attendees to lunch and enjoy the course at the same time. Food for thoughts.”

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Alain Le Bourdon

Alain was educated in both France and the UK. Keen to partake in discussions about as many aspects of French life as possible using various media. Has a few years of experience in terms of teaching. Has been running a French film club for a number of years for the people of Harrogate

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