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French Advanced 2


Start date: 27th Sep 2021

Time: 14:00 - 16:00

Cost: £95

Day: Monday

Duration: 10 weeks

Tutor: Yvonne Davies

Course code: AU21108

Please contact us for availability

This course is for Students of all ages who have completed at least three years of French studies who are interested in France, its culture and language, and are keen to learn and gain confidence in communicating in French.

 For the first session students will need:

Pen and A4 paper only. Tutor will provide worksheets which will be the basis of their studies.

This course is divided into three terms and by the end of the year students should be able to :

  • Recognise and use the main features of grammar with confidence.
  • listen effective for specific details / general information, ideas and opinions from a range of sources.
  • Use a range of ‹ repair strategies › to overcome communication breakdown.
  • communicante adequately in a range of social, transactionnel and work-related situations.
  • Ask for or provide information on a range of topics. Seek and respond to ideas and opinions on a range of issues.  Take part in varied discussions.
  • Read texts in the target language to extract specific details and information from different types of source material such as press articles, littérature, extracts etc
  • Write effectively in the target language for a range of purposes

 This year the students will

  1. discuss principal topics in the French Press every week and other issues relating to France.
  2. look at mass tourism, urban holidays, alternative vacations, France as a destination
  3. explore different areas of France
  4. consider the impact of climate change on French resorts
  5. take a closer look at the Seine and other French rivers
  6. take an overview of environmental and domestic issues of water
  7. follow the French présidential elections
  8. improve grammatical knowledge, increase vocabulary range and practice communication skills
  9. complete weekly homework assignments

 By the end of the course students should have gained an improved understanding of French language use, including pronunciation, grammatical structures, and an expanded vocabulary with a greater range of key phrases to cope with everyday situations whilst travelling in a French speaking country.

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Yvonne Davies

Yvonne L. Davies, B.A, A.L.A, B.A (Hons), Dip. FLE, B.A. PGCE
Former lecturer with Leeds Beckett University, and Adult Community Education tutor with over 17 years’ teaching experience. Yvonne has lived in the South of France, travels extensively throughout France and Francophone countries and teaches French across a range of abilities.
Her courses aim to develop the French learner’s confidence, accuracy and fluency in the 4 language skills. Each course will build up language awareness, cultural knowledge of Francophone countries, facilitate vocabulary growth, practice certain grammatical points and monitor pronunciation, all with a view to encouraging independence in using the language.
Lessons are based around practical topics, contemporary issues and current affairs reported in the French press, thus serving as a vehicle for pair and group conversation, class discussion and linguistic activities.
Students are encouraged to complete weekly homework assignments and to participate fully in our classes which are friendly, hard-working and always with a gentle sense of humour.

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