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Drawing Next Steps

20SU001b Drawing abs begs

Start date: 21st Sep 2020

Time: 18:45 - 20:15

Cost: £95

Day: Monday

Duration: 10 weeks

Tutor: Sally How

Course code: 20AU103

Learning to draw using pencil and eraser. Use shapes to plan and outline your use of paper. To encourage you to draw whatever your current skill level.

This course is intended as a follow on for the beginners who attended the previous beginners drawing class and you will find it helpful to improve the skills you learnt. If you have drawn in the past you would also be able to follow this course even if you haven’t drawn for quite a few years.

You will be able to submit your drawings to Sally via email for feedback and keep practicing. Drawing is something you need to keep doing to make progress, but once you have learnt it you should quickly resume at a similar level you reached previously.

This course is intended to draw from objects we all have around our home. Sally will explain some of the techniques we can use to make drawing easier using basic equipment we all have.

Themes to include:

Tiny objects in a matchbox: buttons, shells, coins etc
Drawing shapes, sphere, cone, cube
On my table
View from a window
Gardening tools
Setting a scene

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Sally How

Sally How BA (Hons) PGCE Art and Design
Level 3 NCFE Jewellery Design
Sally is a qualified teacher of Art and encourages each individual to be creative, whatever their starting level.

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