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Create your own essential oils for menopause

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Start date: 21st Oct 2021

Time: 12:30 - 15:30

Cost: £25

Day: Thursday

Duration: 1 weeks

Tutor: Lisa Hall

Course code: AU21019

Come and join us and explore with us the benefits of Aromatherapy for menopause.

The workshop will include: 

  • the role of hormones
  • undersatnding menopause
  • symptoms of menopause
  • symptom help
  • essential oils and how they can help with menopause
  • how to use essential oils safely
  • which essential oils are beneficial for helping with menopause.

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Lisa Hall

I began Embrace Holistics in 2015 to offer restorative, holistic treatments that focus around re-balancing the body and mind after leaving a 25 year career as a fitness instructor. I huge believe in natural and organic products and ingredients that nourish mind , body and soul. I am a qualified aromatherapist, reflexology, massage therapist and love nothing better than sharing my passion for benefits essential oils and all things holistic.
I am looking forward to imparting my knowledge in these fun and creative workshops.

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