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Cookery - An Introduction to Patisserie


Start date: 22nd Feb 2021

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Cost: £48

Day: Monday

Duration: 5 weeks

Tutor: Vicky Young

Course code: 21SP052

This course is for: Beginners/Intermediate Learners

This course will cover the fundamentals of pastry making, and will include techniques for producing shortcrust, puff and choux pastry along with appropriate products. We will look at flavour combinations, presentation techniques and some of the science behind the bakes.

Additional Costs:

Students are expected to purchase and pre-weigh their own ingredients each week. Everything can be purchased from larger supermarkets. Students will be briefed at the beginning of each week in what to bring the following week.

This course aims to:

Introduce students to a variety of practical skills, techniques and methods used in the professional industry. It will provide the basic theory behind successful bakes and give students the confidence and base knowledge to experiment with more challenging patisserie dishes moving forward.

Week 1 - Shortcrust Pastry (Jam Turn Overs)

Week 2 – Shortcrust Pasty (Lemon Tart/Lemon Meringue Pie)

Week 3 - Choux Pastry (Cream Buns)

Week 4 – Puff Pastry (Tarte Tatin)

Week 5 – Puff Pastry (Mille-feuille/Vanilla Slice)

We will email out the requirements for the first class.

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Vicky Young

Vicky Young

Vicki Young, a teacher of all the technologies here at Rossett first found her passion for baking when she was a child and helped her mum produce baked goods for the local Knaresborough market stall. She has always been interested in the science behind food and feels having a sound understanding of this ensures consistent results in the kitchen.
Vicki spends most of her free time in her home kitchen and strives to challenge herself with each new bake. She shares her passion and expertise with friends, families, colleagues and neighbours by regularly sharing her latest makes.
Vicki is a keen participant in the annual staff bake off. Her previous contributions have included a highly decorated Tiffany lamp cake and a 3ft tall gingerbread Eiffel Tower, both of which featured on Chanel 4’s ‘Bake off Extra Slice’.

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