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Chakras and essential oil workshop

chakra and essential oil

Start date: 7th Oct 2021

Time: 12:30 - 16:30

Cost: £30

Day: Thursday

Duration: 1 weeks

Tutor: Lisa Hall

Course code: AU21018

In this workshop, learn how essential oil science and energetics beautifully compliment each other. Essential oils have been used for many years, since ancient times, for physical healing, mental focus and clarity, and spiritual transformation. Derived from the highest frequency part of the plant, essential oils are a concentrated extract, in the purest form. You will learn about the 7 chakras, energy centers in the body, the benefits of using essential oils and how to use them and how to use essential oils to balance your chakras and emotions.You will have the opportunity to make your own body/bath oil with organic ingredients to take home

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Lisa Hall

I began Embrace Holistics in 2015 to offer restorative, holistic treatments that focus around re-balancing the body and mind after leaving a 25 year career as a fitness instructor. I huge believe in natural and organic products and ingredients that nourish mind , body and soul. I am a qualified aromatherapist, reflexology, massage therapist and love nothing better than sharing my passion for benefits essential oils and all things holistic.
I am looking forward to imparting my knowledge in these fun and creative workshops.

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