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Bead and wire jewellery making for beginners and improvers


Start date: 7th Jun 2022

Time: 09:15 - 11:15

Cost: £62

Day: Tuesday

Tutor: Sarah Hallworth

Course code: 22SU006

The course aims to;

Provide an ongoing jewellery making experience for students with no to moderate previous experience. The course will include beginner and moderate levels of wirework, knotting and beading and in jewellery design.

There is flexibility within the course to increase levels of individual student work, depending on prior experience.

Each week, we will design and produce a project, which over the weeks, incorporate a range of materials, ideas and techniques.

This course is for;

Anyone with a streak of creativity, and who has an interest in jewellery making.

It is suitable for newcomers with no prior jewellery making experience but also for those who already have some skills but wish to explore new techniques and design ideas.

 The course does not include kiln work or etching or other chemical processes, but concentrates on hands-on skills.

There is considerable use of pliers and cutters and the course requires a reasonable level of dexterity.

For the first session students will need;

Pencil and notebook.

Container for taking home work.

By the end of the course students should be able to;

Make a variety of jewellery using wirework, knotting and threading techniques and integrating other materials.

Have gained confidence to design and make their own ideas into jewellery.

Find inspiration from a variety of sources.

Continuing students will extend their skill levels working with more complex designs and introducing new materials.

Course Programme;

Please note, the plan below is for beginner level students.  More experienced or returning students will explore techniques not previously taught to them on this course.

Week 1. Basic wirework skills are developed whilst producing a variety earring designs. Includes 2D and 3D spirals, loop turning and wire drops.

Week 2. Using cotton cord, beads and knotting techniques to produce a necklace. (See photo)

Week 3. Further wirework producing charm bracelet and brooch pin.

Week 4 and 5  Course content will be determined by student’s previous experience, educational requirements and specific requests. In doing so, we will still produce a project each week which will reflect the requests of the students.


Pliers and wire cutters will be provided along with beading mats and small trays. These can be used throughout the course. However if you prefer to bring your own tools, please do.

All beads, findings and materials for the course are provided weekly and cost is included in the course fee.

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Sarah Hallworth

I have been teaching for many years both in jewellery making and my previous occupation, respiratory nursing. For the last 6 years, I have run jewellery making workshops for both adults and children. Jewellery making has been a hobby/obsession for 3 decades. I have a wide range of experience in design techniques and use a variety of methods in my work, including wirework at various levels, knotting and threading techniques and bead making.

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