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Animal Portraits And More for Improvers


Start date: 3rd Nov 2022

Time: 13:15 - 15:45

Cost: £69

Day: Thursday

Duration: 5 weeks

Tutor: Richard Squire

Course code: 22AU020

Please note that the time of this class has changed to 13.15 - 15.45

This course is for those who;

  • wish to develop their Animal drawing and/or Painting skills further.
  • wish to complete works to keep and possibly develop further at home.
  • want to exploit their own ideas and inspirations as well as making use of guided topics.
  • want to develop their artistic confidence and acquire further knowledge in the use of; colour, texture, handling and choice of materials including; proportion, tonal control, compositional skills, mixed media approaches that may include paint and or other materials.

 You will be encouraged to develop your own individual pathways, styles of working and interpretation of your Animal ideas and Images.

 It will be a chance to ask all those obvious, possibly unanswered questions you have and develop further your knowledge and skills In the areas of; observation, drawing, painting, use of materials etc.

 All materials will be provided but you may wish to bring along some of your own favourite materials to try out


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Richard Squire

Richard Squire

A wartime baby born in Halifax, failed my 11 plus but passed every subsequent exam. Had to prove my abilities. I still trying to.
I’m a retired Art College graduate. An ex High School Art teacher who’s lived in Harrogate for some many years.

My training covered many areas from; academic, classical style drawing and painting across a range of mediums; to casting, pottery, print-making including lino, etching & lithography plus lots more things for eight brilliant years.

I’ve taught Art to people of all ages and experience for 56 years.
I love to work with anyone wishing to develop their Artistic selves whatever their age, experience or ability.
We’ve all got Artistic potential. Art is in me and makes my life complete.

In a mid-life career change I trained to teach the Deaf; another visual world. For many years I fought with Deaf and Hearing people for the rights of Deaf children to access their education via Sign Language and Interpreters. A fight that is still going on.

In retirement I was a volunteer worker at Henshaws Arts and Crafts, Knaresborough for 15 years until I had to care for my handicapped wife. I’ve also run local Art Clubs and Groups for around 20 years.

That’s about it so far, I think.
I’d love to see you and to help your Artistic self forward

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