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Acrylic Landscape for Improvers

Improvers Acrylics

Start date: 23rd Jun 2022

Time: 09:30 - 14:00

Cost: £30

Day: Thursday

Duration: 1 weeks

Tutor: Rebecca Taylor

Course code: 22SU042

Please contact us for availability

This workshop will give students the opportunity to explore a few different aspects of landscape painting in acrylics.  It will encourage new and existing students, to continue developing and improving their individual styles, whilst being able to try new creative techniques.

Landscape painting was popular in the 17th century and is still one of the most favoured themes of painting today. It is an artist’s portrayal of beauty and scenery in the natural world, a moment captured in time and space to share with the viewer.  

Whether it be outdoors or using images in the studio as our reference, the workshop will focus on colour, composition, perspective and texture within a landscape. These paintings can take on any style the artist chooses and it can be an accurate, impressionist or abstract representation.

Interacting with other artists for a few hours in this environment is interesting, inspirational and important for personal artistic development. You can take your work of amazing art home with you at the end of the course.

Materials are included in the price of the course.


Recent comments from Students


‘Thank you, Rebecca, for a very enjoyable class, I learn something new every week.’


‘I like that you talk for a few minutes at the start of the class, then let us get on painting.’


‘Thank you, Rebecca, you are always so helpful and give me great advice on what techniques to use.’


‘I had no idea what Analogous colours were and now I know, I love using them in my paintings.’


I like that it’s a relaxed and fun atmosphere!’

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rebecca taylor

Rebecca Taylor

I have studied different aspects of Art most of my life and see the world from a creative perspective. My early days studying Art and Design at college allowed me to focus on the thing in life I love most and inspired me to further my passion for art. Studying for my Bachelors and Masters degrees gave me the opportunity to turn this passion into a lifelong career. They gave me the knowledge and creative skills to fully understand, not only the practical side of this subject, but also the theoretical side. I have participated in shows, seminars and exhibitions, which have helped me learn that whilst working independently, creating alongside others is hugely inspirational.

To teach art is to help each student on their own artistic journey, whilst gaining confidence and inspiration from others around them. I believe that through the process of observing, drawing and painting a subject, the students discover new ways of seeing it and can translate that into an innovative piece of artwork. The natural environment is a wonderful place to study, stimulating our senses and thinking about a more conceptual way of viewing nature. This might be portrayed using a naturalistic representation or a more abstract approach.

Most of all I am an enthusiastic, compassionate, and fun teacher who loves people and all things ART! I love being creative and helping others to find their artistic direction, freedom and inspiration in a studio or outdoor environment. Each student’s personal journey is my focus, ensuring they soak up every creative minute and leave wanting more.

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