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2 Day Floral Development Workshop

floral dvlpt 2

Start date: 8th Jun 2022

Time: 09:30 - 14:30

Cost: £75

Day: Wednesdays & Thursday

Duration: 1 weeks

Tutor: Katharine Ruddock

Course code: 22SU027

Either drawing, painting or multiple sketching. Come have two days of intensive floral work, developing your techniques with guidance & encouragement. Intimate Class with Limited Places.  Bring lunch and take comfort breaks at your leisure.

A two day workshop aimed at those with some existing floral skills, but with a hankering for a change of direction, or just some guidance on how you might develop your work. Perhaps you are feeling a bit stuck, and would like a fresh view on how to possibly move forwards. Maybe you simply want to have some fun? For sure we’ll be having some of that!

This will be a small group of like minded floral fans, so there will be plenty of time to discuss, and the collaborative, intimate atmosphere will hopefully be inspiring and fruitful for all. I’m excited to get going and see where our 2 day journey takes us. Whether you are a returning student, or new to us but arriving with some established skills…..you are welcome to join the ‘blooming’ fun!

 I ask that you come with an open mind, and prepare to let loose! Before the workshop, perhaps give some thought to how you currently feel about your work, and ask yourself what ideas you might have in mind. Not to worry overly though… If it’s as simple as saying “I want to be less tight” or “I find I keep making the same looking pieces, and I want something fresh”, or even… “I’m not totally happy with my pieces, but I can’t put my finger on why!”… I’m here to discuss that with you, and offer possible solutions, or prompt you into taking a different view, and perhaps try a new approach or technique.

Provided art materials, that I may suggest you try could differ from what you ordinarily use, but please dont be concerned…and prepare for an adventure…

Whatever occurs, I want us to have a fun couple of days immersing ourselves in our flowery world, and to be creatively free. ((Materials available in class will be - suitable papers, various drawing mediums, and water based paints & inks. We will not be working with oils).

. As I say, materials are provided, but if you have particular favourites personal to you, you might like to bring those along.

. Consider also a favourite individual bloom or arrangement that you would like to work on, and bring that with you for the 2 days.

. Lastly, bringing some examples of your previous work will be very useful to see, helping the discussion, & informing my advise, thank you.

I really do look forward to seeing you in class.

floral dvlpt 1

1:  “Really pleased with my change of direction… thanks to you. You’re very perceptive Katharine! Great to meet a real artist & designer… I will enjoy trying out all the new techniques. I’ll sign up for sure, if next course timing suits. See you soon I hope”. Caroline E

2: “I’m seeing more detail, whilst also loosening up my work - I didn’t think the two could go hand in hand. You’re teaching me how to see AND how to put it onto paper in my way. A good feeling, thanks K.” SS

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floral dvlpt

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katherine ruddock

Katharine Ruddock

Qualifying with a BA Hons from Edinburgh College of Art, and Post Graduate Diploma from The London College of Furniture, my initial working life involved developing design & business skills at an interiors company in London. Later, self employment had me fulfilling creative briefs in illustration, small business logos, and occasional portrait drawing. Concurrently, commissions for domestic interiors grew, and over 23 years I built a successful interior design & decoration business, based largely in London.
More recently, a long held desire to concentrate on my own creative ideas had me return North, progressing my art and sculpture activities. Currently represented at a small gallery in the North East, fulfilling private commissions, and thrilled to be building this new chapter.
It’s exciting being part of Rossett Adult Learning - a really happy piece of life’s creative jigsaw - a lovely opportunity to share in artistic enthusiasm, and such a pleasure… meeting my students!

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